What We Do

We are the link between the travel nurse and the opportunity of a lifetime. We help you reach your full potential and the meet the goals that you set when you chose to explore travel nursing. We deliver the best service in the market and isn't that what everyone wants from their travel agency.

Professional Search & Recruitment

With 20+ years of experience in healthcare management, our team has the experience to recruit the best qualified nurses in the industry. We offer guidance in selecting the right employment situation for everyone.

Experienced Assessment Services

We screen carefully to assess and match the applicant's previous experience with the potential placement opportunity to ensure that the expectations of all parties involved are met.

Practice Areas
  • Intensive Care Units 

  • OR, Pre-op, & PACU, 

  • Medical-Surgical

  • Emergency Department

  • Women's & Children's

  • Procedural areas

  • Education

  • Leadership